We make efficiency simple for you

What is Barcelogic?


Apply our new internationally awarded combinatorial optimization technology to make efficiency simple for you.

Generate improvements that have a high potential impact on your benefits and costs.


Spin-off from the Technical University of Catalonia

Barcelogic was founded in Spring 2010 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona.

Our team

Robert is a professor of Computer Science at UPC. He is well known for his two decades of research on automated reasoning, constraints, decision procedures and the efficient implementation of logics.

Enric Rodríguez-Carbonell

Technical advisor & founder
Associate professor at UPC
Enric is associate professor at UPC since 2012. He has worked on applications of linear programming and other techniques of operations research to SMT, being co-author of award-winning tools for SAT and SMT (Barcelogic).

Albert Oliveras

Technical advisor & founder
Associate professor at UPC
Albert, associate professor at UPC, is a well known expert in SAT, Max’SAT and SMT techniques; in particular, he is co-author of DPLL(T) method.


Research & Developer
Ignasi is a researcher in optimization and decision science. He got his PhD in combinatorial optimization at the UPC. He worked as a postdoctoral researcher at NICTA, in Australia.

Javier Larrosa

Javier, full professor in Computer Science at UPC, has done highly-cited work on algorithms for constraint satisfaction and has developed award-winning tools for soft constraint optimisation (ToulBar, MiniMaxSat).

Ivan Dotu

Technical advisor
Research Professor at Boston College
Ivan is a visiting researcher at GRIB (Barcelona) and CTO and cofounder of Moirai Biodesign. Ivan is an expert in Applications of Combinatorial Optimization and Computational Biology and more specifically in RNA design.


Marketing Director, CMO, & founder
Carles (MBA, EADA Business School, Barcelona) has over 20 years of experience in leading business positions, such as Director of Systems and Organization, Director of Projects, CEO, and Marketing Director.


Go to Resource planning

Resource planning

Software modules, SAAS, and consulting for efficiently planning tasks using limited resources (machines and their maintenance, transport, human resources, raw materials, storage), optimizing income and minimizing costs.

Go to Professional sports planning

Professional sports planning

Software modules, SAAS, and consulting for designing the best fixtures and sports schedules under sportive, commercial or public-order constraints, maximizing global attractiveness and revenues, and minimizing costs.

Solver development

Software modules and SAAS in order to allow our costumers to apply our best solvers for their combinatorial optimization problems:
– SAT Modulo Theories (SMT)
– 0-1 integer programming
– Integer programming